Tattoo Aftercare

  • We gaurantee our work; one free touch up is included with in the first four months after you get your tattoo, as long as it hasn't been damaged due to poor aftercare (ie. picking/ scratching/ exfoliating/ hot tubing etc.) as its heals
  • A new tattoo is an open wound, be aware that disease transmission is possible, avoid leaning on your new tattoo
  • Leave your bandage on for 4-8 hours
  • When you remove the bandage wash your hands with warm soapy water then wash your tattoo gently, without scrubbing, with an unscented antibacterial soap and warm, not hot, water, cold water at the end of cleaning can help to close pores and avoid ink leaching out. Allow to dry completely before applying a thin layer of unscented lotion (Lubriderm)
  • If your bandage is for some reason stuck, do not pull it off, run it  under cool water
  • Avoid soaking of any kind; in the bath, lakes, rivers, hot tubs, or pools during the healing period
  • Keep showers brief and warm, not hot
  • Put clean sheets on your bed, and be aware that you may leak  and stain them, if you stick to them do not pull them off, take them to the sink/ shower and use cool water to remove them
  • Wash your new tattoo each morning and at night, if it is dry apply a small amount of lotion as required (no more than 3-5 times daily) Never apply lotion to a damp tattoo
  • Exception: the back of the knee, bend of the elbow (ditch) are hard to heal and your body will try to form a scab which will keep cracking; these areas require more lotion
  • Do not use neosporin or polysporin on your new tattoo as it promotes healing too fast and may cause loss of color and light spots
  • Do not re-bandage your new tattoo as it needs to breath, avoid tight clothing for the same reason
  • Everyone is different, your tattoo may heal in a week or it may take a month, aftercare is most important for the first 2-3 days

Some other things you can do to ensure your tattoo looks good for years to come

  • Do not pick scabs, your tattoo will heal similarily to a sun burn, a small amount of scabbing is normal but a lot is not, either way Do Not Pick, allow the skin to fall off  on its own
  • Avoid the sun and tanning beds, if you must be in either make sure the tattoo is covered by loose clothing. Both can cause further damage to the skin, scarring, lightening of colors, and uneven healing. After your tattoo is healed you should apply a high level SPF to keep them looking good as long as possible
  • Avoid excessive sweating; saunas, steam baths, and gym work outs while your tattoo is healing
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